Strength & Conditioning Coach and Personal Trainer

Book a personal training session with Ott at Nordic Balance St James's.Ott-Erik (we just call him Erik) is an experienced and knowledgeable personal trainer from Estonia. His main speciality was strength sports at university, which gave Erik a good background to continue his career as a personal trainer.

Studying at the university gave him a very deep understanding of how the human body and it’s physiological systems work. In addition, Erik knows how to apply science and individual differences in his training.

He also finds scientific and research work very interesting and is an expert at designing personal training programmes and nutrition plans. He is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Strength and Conditioning and his end goal is to get a Doctorate in a Sports Science related topic.

Erik belonged to the Estonian National Youth swim team and was a member of Estonian Rugby Team. During recent years he has been competing in powerlifting so his favourite exercises are squats, bench press and deadlift. As a personal trainer, Erik finds that his main job is to change clients’ environmental habits such as physical activity, sleep and nutrition by manipulating their training to fit it into their lifestyle.

He is very dedicated to improving his clients’ fitness and loves to get great results!

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  • Bachelors of Sports Science
  • Powerlifting Coach Certificate (level 4)
  • Bodybuilding/Fitness/Personal Trainer Coach Certificate (level 3)
  • Nutrition for Athletes
  • Masters of Strength and Conditioning at University of Greenwich. (current student)
Ott-Erik Kalmus

My specialisms

Strength & Conditioning Powerlifting Personal Training

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