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COVID-19 Processes
& F.A.Q

Hygiene & safety processes according to UK government guidelines: Here we outline updates to the use of our gym facilities & the hygiene measures we have put in place to keep you and our team safe.

COVID-19 Processes & FAQ

Nordic Balance St James’s is opening once again. From Monday the 27th July 2020, our doors will be open to members but with some important changes in place considering COVID-19. 

Your safety and that of our team are of paramount importance to us, and so we’ve had to introduce a range of safety measures including changes to our opening hours, cleaning schedules, gym access, changing facilities and access to our swimming pool & sauna.

We also have some important updates on how to book the Squash Court, Personal Training and Fitness Classes.

No longer a member of St James's? Understandably many of you paused or cancelled memberships during lockdown but if you would like to restart it, please contact us and we’ll get you set up and ready to go!

Our F.A.Q. also addresses any additional questions you may have. 

Changes to Opening Hours:

To provide updated cleaning, we've had to restrict our opening hours on weekends. This means that our current, updated opening hours are now Monday to Friday 6.30am- 11pm and Weekends / Bank Holidays 10am-4pm.

Cleaning & Sanitisation:

Recognising the need to ensure our environment is as clean as possible, we now have an enhanced cleaning schedule, including a full sanitizing spray (with a very cool backpack-style dispenser!) before we open in the morning, and at various times through the day. In addition, sanitizing stations with antibacterial spray and paper towels can be found throughout the gym.

Signage around the gym is also in place to remind everyone about the importance and need for cleanliness. We encourage clients to wipe any piece of equipment prior to use and when you’re done with it.

General Gym Access:

Government guidelines require us to ensure that we don’t get over-crowded, and the recommendation in this regard is to use a booking system. Whilst we do have one set one up and ready to go, we won’t be using it in the initial stages as we do not anticipate large numbers of gym visitors. We will, of course, review this constantly and may introduce it at a later stage.

Changing Facilities & Showers:

Government guidelines encourage you to arrive changed and to ideally use the shower and changing facilities at your office after your workout. That said though, as we have a swimming pool and as many of you are likely to use the pool, we can keep our facilities open. 

We will have towels available for use in the changing rooms but are not able to provide gym or sweat towels for your use in the gym. 

Swimming Pool & Sauna:

Our swimming pool is permitted to open however we’ll be limiting numbers to a maximum of 2 people at one time. The sauna will remain closed until further notice as according to the government, “the risk of transmission is unclear”.

Squash Court Booking:

The Squash Court is open again to members of the In & Out and Nordic Balance.

In order to comply with government requirements, we’ve also taken the decision to make another change to the way that the court is booked. Our new system will allow you to either pay-as-you-go or prepay for a block of 5 squash games. These credits will be used when you book online, which means no more coins! Once you’re set-up, you can make squash bookings online.

It does mean that any no-shows or cancellations within 24 hours will be charged as if you’d arrived, so we’d encourage you to be diligent about this. In order to get set up to play squash, please contact us.

Personal Training: 

We will continue to offer in-gym and remote Personal Training sessions. If you trained with us prior to lockdown and want to get your sessions going again, then please contact us and we’ll help to get your training booked in. 

Fitness Classes:

Even with the change from 2m to 1m+, we still don’t feel that our studio is big enough to safely run classes. As such, our classes will now take place in our squash court, located on the 4th floor. Classes will still be limited to 6 people to ensure we’re able to socially distance ourselves. 

To start with we continue to have most of our classes online, which means we’ll be offering a limited number of in-gym classes. We will review this constantly and add more classes as more of our members come back. View & book classes.

Equipment in classes will be limited. If you would feel more comfortable to bring your own mat (for yoga or Pilates classes) then feel free to do so.


Changing Facilities

Please arrive at the gym changed and to ideally use the shower and changing facilities at your office or home after your workout. Our changing room facilities are open but only to those who use the pool facilities.

Social Distancing

We are required to ensure we don’t get over-crowded. Initially, we won't be using a booking system, but our team will monitor the numbers. Delineation of spaces within the gym will ensure each person has their own training area.

COVID-19 Checks

When you arrive at the entrance quick temperate checks will be conducted. Please do not come to the gym if you or someone you have been close to recently have been exhibiting any of the know COVID-19 symptoms.

Cleaning Schedules

Enhanced cleaning procedures both before, during and after each day. We have installed sanitization stations throughout the gym and applied clear signage to remind users to wash their hands & to wipe down the machinery after use.

Natural Therapies Now Available

Our therapies are also up and running and we’re safely able to provide Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Sports Therapy and Podiatry at this time.
View & Book Appointments

Frequently Asked Questions

Are face-masks mandatory when I’m working out in the gym?

No, there is no requirement to wear facemasks, although if you’d feel more comfortable with one on then feel free to. Our support staff, trainers, teachers and therapists will all be wearing face-masks when in the gym. 

Will I be able to use the equipment when I’m in the gym?

Yes, assuming no-one else is using it and you wipe it before and after use, then you can use any equipment you’d like. 

Will you still be playing music?

Yes, we are able to play music in the gym but need to ensure the volume is low enough to ensure that people don’t need to shout. If you’d like loud music then we’d recommend bringing in your own tunes, to listen to with headphones. 

What is happening with regards to air circulation in the gym?

Our existing air-conditioning systems have been serviced and will be running 24 hours a day from when we reopen. We’ll also be opening the windows that we have to aid circulation. 

Where can I park my bike when I come to the gym?

Westminster Council has now added additional bike parking on Jermyn Street as well as on St James’s Square (in front of the entrance at No 4).

Entrance Checks

Initial Covid-19 checks will be conducted at the entrance to the Club.

Fitness Classes

Classes are moving to the squash court to ensure social distancing.

Cleaning Schedules

We have enhanced cleaning procedures to be conducted throughout the day.

Gym Numbers

We will limit the number of members in the gym at any one time.

Sanitizing Stations

Sanitizing stations have been put in place throughout the gym.

Opening Hours

Initially, we will limit the opening hours, with reduced opening hours on the weekend.

Social Distancing

Delineation throughout the gym has been implemented to ensure suitable distancing.

Please Come Prepared

Members are encouraged to use external changing & showering facilities.

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