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Remote Online Classes London

Maintain routine, keep your body moving & your mind strong with remote Yoga, Pilates & HIIT classes delivered to directly to your home. Find out more.

Fitness Classes London

Whether you are looking to vary your workout, or you need motivation as part of a group, we have over 40 fitness classes to choose from. With a maximum of six per class, our multi-disciplinary teachers can provide you with the targeted focus needed to reach your goals quickly and effectively – all while having fun!

Reach Your Goals Quicker

Our fitness classes have proven to increase our client's motivation, improve technique and as a result, accelerate their progress!

Tailored to Your Needs

With a maximum of 6 per class, you can rest assured that you will get all of the attention and assistance you need to reach your goals.

Small Group Fitness Classes

All of our classes have a maximum of 6 people and in some cases, only 4, so that you get focused attention from our expert teachers.

Over 40 Fitness Classes

Tabata to HIIT, with over 40 classes to choose from we are confident that you will find the perfect class to help you reach your goals.

Fitness Class Packages

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Over 40 Fitness Classes

With over 40 fitness classes including different styles of Yoga, mat-based Pilates, High-Intensity Training (HIIT), Boxing and even our own take on Cross Fit. We’ve got the class you need to take your fitness to the next level!

Yoga Based Classes

We offer a range of styles of yoga, taught either in a small class format or 1-2-1. From Iyengar to Dynamic Vinyasa, our teachers will help you to achieve your inner zen.

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HIIT Based Classes

Interval training is comprised of alternating periods of short intense anaerobic exercise combined with less-intense recovery periods. You will use body weight, dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells & TRX!

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Conditioning & Weights

Weights based, our classes are focused around functional moves with short, intense bursts of work to increase heart rate & short rests. Combined with body conditioning, you will shred fat.

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Taboga is complete workout incorporating high-intensity Tabata with gentler but dynamic Yoga. Cardio, strengthening, conditioning, and stretching all in one session. Creating a strong and supple body.

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Mat Based Pilates

Re-train your body from the inside out, increase strength, flexibility and movement. Mat-based Pilates classes will improve posture, relieve back pain as well as tone your whole body.

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NordicFit is our take on the ever popular Cross Fit. In this 45-minute workout expect to use a variety of equipment in the gym, lots of high-rep exercises mixed with blasts of cardio & conditioning. Limited to 4 people.

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