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Remote Online Personal Training & Classes London

Maintain routine, keep your body moving & your mind strong with remote personal training and classes delivered to directly to your home.
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Remote Personal Training & Classes

Remote Personal Training

At times like this it’s important to maintain a routine, keep your body moving and your mind strong. That is why we are launching Remote Personal Training that requires nothing more than the internet, and a laptop with a camera.

Although we can’t get you doing 1-rep MAX squats and deadlifts (unless you’ve got a gym at home, of course,) there’s so much we can do with just your bodyweight. Contact us at to find out more, or to book your session.


Remote Yoga, Pilates & HIIT Classes

We've taken the decision to end all classes in our St James's gym from Monday 23rd March and instead, we’re going live with remote Yoga, Mat-Based Pilates, and bodyweight HIIT classes. Open and FREE to all members of Nordic Balance St James’s, enjoy the convenience of our live-streamed classes, delivered by our fantastic teachers, directly to your homes. VIEW REMOTE CLASS SCHEDULE HERE.

Access the online classes using your existing Nordic Balance class login, or if you are a member who doesn’t have a login then email us at and we'll get you set up.

For non-members, we are offering remote classes for just £10 per class or £40 a month for unlimited classes. Contact our team to find out more.

Maintain Daily Routine

Having scheduled classes or personal training session in your diary helps you to maintain structure to your day, all of which is vital for a healthy mind and body.

Keep Your Body Moving

Don’t let all your hard work go to waste. Our team will keep pushing you towards your health and fitness goals all whilst at home. Keep your body moving and see results.

Support your Mental Health

Boost your endorphin levels and increase blood flow with regular exercise to keep mentally strong, lower risk of depression and ensure that you get a good nights sleep.


When physical contact is limited, technology plays an important role in helping us to avoid isolation. Stay connected with our team as part of our remote sessions.

Remote Personal Training Session

Working from home? We are now offering Remote Personal Training sessions live with our trainers.
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You Are In Safe Hands

All remote sessions are delivered live and are conducted by our very own team based in London. They have all been set up and are ready to go with some excellent remote personal training sessions, as well as our group classes that require nothing more than some floor space and an internet connection.

Alessandro Alviani

Alessandro was born and raised in Italy and have been active since his very first years. Along with swimming, skiing, snowboarding and skating, Alessandro loves playing tennis and keeping fit in the gym. Alessandro is especially passionate about strength and conditioning training. It all started when he was very young, and decided to turn his passion into his day job. Alessandro studied hard and soon began working as a Personal Trainer in 2004. Over the last 15 years, Alessandro has…

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Chris Fernandes

The one consistent through Chris’s life has been an active pursuit of a positive lifestyle, and a fascination with movement and its outcomes on all things that make people different, both mentally and physically. He was involved in sports (specifically in tennis, running, football) from a very early age, and always found himself in the position of adviser/motivator to others, specifically in order to help them improve themselves. This role struck a chord with him and personal training became the…

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Jo Meyer

Being from Sweden, Joanna has experienced the outdoors and was very active from an early age. During that time, she was involved in ice-skating, ice-hockey, judo and football. She’s always been sold on the merits of exercise and has always led a very active life. Joanna was trained in the art of jewellery-making and after a 10-year detour into the world of catering and senior management, she finally recognised that her true passion lay in health and fitness. The desire…

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Dimitri Filomena

Dimitri is a certified European Personal Trainer from Italy. As a Calisthenics athlete, he developed his passion for fitness based on the concept of body awareness. Dimitri believes in a strong connection between mind and physical health and together with training he's focused his studies on life coaching and nutrition. As a strength and conditioning specialist, he designs tailor-made cardiovascular programmes, mobility drills and core and strength training exercises, entirely based on his clients' needs and preferences. Dimitri gives challenging workouts…

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Simon White

From a young age, Simon has always had a passion for sport and fitness. He’s played a range of sports at a competitive level including football, swimming, volleyball and athletics. Motivated and enthusiastic, Simon thrives on assisting people to reach their targets, drawing on the many years of experience he has in the industry. Since receiving his diploma in personal training, sports massage therapy and Nutrition he has continued his studies and considers himself a student of sports and nutritional…

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Ott-Erik Kalmus

Ott-Erik (we just call him Erik) is an experienced and knowledgeable personal trainer from Estonia. His main speciality was strength sports at university, which gave Erik a good background to continue his career as a personal trainer. Studying at the university gave him a very deep understanding of how the human body and it's physiological systems work. In addition, Erik knows how to apply science and individual differences in his training. He also finds scientific and research work very interesting…

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Whether you are an existing member or new, please contact us with any of your questions related to remote training and classes. Our team are on hand to support you.

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