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Remote Corporate Training & Classes

Introduce scheduled remote training sessions & classes to ensure that employees are maintaining a healthy body & mind during the period of self-isolation.
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Remote Corporate Training & Classes

For many flexible working and home-based offices are not a new concept and can have incredibly positive impacts on productivity and employee morale. However, in response to the current global pandemic and to safeguard the physical health of nations we are now being asked to not only work from home but to conduct most of our lives from home too.

At this time, it is important to not only look at the operational aspect of home-working but also the wellbeing of your employees. By introducing scheduled personal training sessions and/or classes you can help your employees maintain some structure to their day, keep them connected and most importantly ensure that employees are maintaining a healthy body and mind.

At Nordic Balance, we have armed our team with the tools to set up and conduct remote online personal training, classes, and live workshops/webinars to clients all around the world. The aim is to keep on delivering health and wellbeing expertise and motivation right into people’s homes.

Ideally done on a laptop or computer with a camera, the only other thing needed is the internet, gym gear and a bit of drive and determination

Remote Yoga, Pilates & HIIT Classes

We are running a wide selection of Yoga, Mat-Based Pilates, and bodyweight HIIT classes live, every day. View the schedule here.

For more information and corporate rates please get in contact with us. 

Maintain Daily Routine

Having scheduled classes or personal training session in the diary can help employees to maintain structure to their day. All of which is vital for a healthy mind and body!


Our expert trainers will bring the expertise & motivation to encourage your employees to move their bodies, work up a sweat and get those vital endorphins pumping!

Support Mental Health

Even on a basic level exercise boosts endorphin levels and increases blood flow which translates to a calmer mind, a better nights sleep and a reduced risk of depression.


When physical contact is limited, technology plays an important role in keeping us connected. Keep your team connected to avoid isolation, depression & improve morale.

Remote Corporate Training & Classes

We can put together tailored training and workshops for your company. Talk to us today!
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Safeguard Your Employees' Wellbeing With Remote Training & Classes

Whether you wish to organise a remote workshop on nutrition, provide employees with access to our yoga, pilates and HIIT classes or offer remote Personal Training sessions, simply let us know via the form below. A member of the team will contact you to discuss the details.

  • Please select the Online Personal Training package that you are interested in.

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We invite you to come along to the Nordic Balance St James’s Health Club & Gym for an exclusive tour of the
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Together we will support & encourage you to lead a fitter, healthier and more balanced life.