Denise Souttsoglou

Receptionist St James's, SW1  | Call: 0207 827 5735

Denise Souttsoglou is not your average receptionist – she’s a customer service superstar with a passion for people and positive communication. Having been raised in different cultures, Denise brings a unique perspective to her role and is always eager to connect with others.

Before moving to London in 2017 to pursue her education, Denise worked as a Team Administrator and Customer Service Specialist in Greece. Her love for the arts led her to complete a master’s degree in fine arts and a Postgraduate Diploma in Interior Design.

For Denise, communication is not just a skill, it’s an art form that should be practised with care and empathy. Her friendly and welcoming nature makes everyone feel safe and valued, and she takes pride in going the extra mile to help others. Whether it’s greeting guests, answering calls, or providing assistance, Denise is a true asset to our team.


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