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Treat lower back pain, neck pain, shoulder and elbow pain such as tennis elbow. Nordic Balance Osteopath Clinic in Central London combines 20 years of experience in treating various conditions, including neck or back pain, joint or muscular pain, sports injuries, recurring headaches and more.

Our Osteopath has a classical approach that uses a broad spectrum of osteopathic techniques, from the direct structural to the subtler cranial, tailoring the treatment to the individual.

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The cost of an Initial Assessment is £85. For ongoing treatments, it's £65 for 30-minutes and £80 for 45-minutes. If you wish to claim the cost of your treatment through your health insurance, please call us to make an appointment.

Expert Osteopathy in Central London

Our Osteopath assessment combines 20 years of experience in treating a variety of conditions including neck or back pain, joint or muscular pain, sports injuries, recurring headaches and more. Book online or contact us to discuss the right course of treatment for you.

Recover from Injury

Osteotherapy will help to make your muscles relax and your joint movement more comfortable - alleviating you of your day to day aches and pains.

Relieve Headaches

Our Osteopath will use a combination of manipulation and soft-tissue techniques to the head, neck, and upper back to provide you with headache relief.

Pain Relief

Movement and exercise will help to improve your mobility and function helping to support the muscles and joints while providing resistance to help you gradually get stronger.

Ease Back Pain

Improve the movement and function of your back and neck. Ongoing treatment combined with prescribed exercise will help to reduce back pain and further injury.

Andy Mansfield

Osteopath Andy grew up in Yorkshire and initially trained as an electromechanical engineer in the Royal Navy. His engineering training gave him a deep passion for understanding how things work mechanically. He brings this insight of integrated systems into his work with the human body. The human body works in much the same way, both emotionally and physically. If one piece of equipment in a ship is broken, it has a knock-on effect on the working efficiency of the whole…

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We work with all major UK Health Insurance companies, including Bupa, AXA-PPP, Aviva, Allianz, Cigna, WPA, EMR and more. If you would like to receive treatment through your health insurance, please also get in touch first.

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