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Remote Physiotherapy Consultation

Due to COVID-19 our Health Club & Gym has been temporarily closed and we are unable to accept appointments, however, self-isolation doesn’t have to put a stop on injury recovery.

Conducted by our Nordic Balance St James’s physios we are offering a free 15-minute video triage, to better understand your issues. From there, assuming we can help you we'll set you up to do a remote exercise rehabilitation session (guided by our physiotherapists), exercise prescription (to practice on your own at home in between sessions) and general advice and support via remote physiotherapy sessions.

Remote physio sessions are covered by all major UK health insurers. Contact us to find out more or book your free 15-minute video triage.

Book a Tour of the St James’s Health Club & Gym

We invite you to come along to the Nordic Balance St James’s Health Club & Gym for an exclusive tour of the
facilities and to discuss your health goals with our expert team.

Together we will support & encourage you to lead a fitter, healthier and more balanced life.