Begin your fitness journey with the 6-week Reboot Programme - ideal for beginners and those ready to get back on track!

Over the past 13 years, our personalised, goal-focused training plans have helped hundreds of clients lose body fat, build muscle and transform their health. 

As part of the Reboot personal training plan, you will work across our team of trained professionals, each specialising in their field of expertise, including weight loss, strength, mobility, sports therapy, nutrition, functional development and recovery.

6 Week Reboot Programme- Who is it for?

With 3 training sessions per week, our Reboot Programme is for anyone looking to make big strides toward their health and fitness goals.

Before commencing, one of our Sports Therapists will conduct a 1-hour initial consultation. With a firm understanding of where you are and what you want to achieve, we will match you with a personal trainer best placed to support you.

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Begin your fitness journey with just a 50% initial payment, and settle the remaining balance three weeks later. Contact us today!

Reboot Training Programme

This programme includes:

Initial Assessment - Includes a 1-hour goal-setting interview, fundamental movement screening, postural assessment, and body composition measurements. 

Tailored Personal Training Plan - Based on the information gathered from your initial assessment, your trainers will create your Reboot Programme, unique to you, delivered in 3 x 45-minute training sessions per week for six weeks.

Nutrition - To ensure that you are fully fuelled and training at your optimum, you will be coached by our team to make the right changes to help you achieve your goals.

Sports Massage - Work with our highly experienced sports therapists and physios to have a half-hour massage every other week. Sports Massage is a great way to help you recover, and get your body moving as it should.

Our Gym - Our approach is always holistic. Whilst you're doing our Reboot Programme, feel free to use our gym outside of your training sessions- hop into the pool and spa after a tough session to unwind and relax your body.

Regular Check-Ins - Fortnightly check-ins and analyses throughout the programme allow us to monitor your progress and inform the training plan accordingly.


We are more than a gym!

Nestled away in the heart of St James's just 10-minutes walk from Picadilly Circus, Nordic Balance is more than just a gym. Privately owned, at Nordic Balance St James's, we take great pride in getting to know each of our clients, creating a comfortable, friendly and personalised health club.

Make a commitment & focus on you!

Making a 6-week commitment to a structured plan with a precise end date keeps you both motivated and focused on working towards your goals.

Consistency is key to making real changes

Having a plan and support from your trainer provides you with structure and consistency, a crucial component to achieving the changes you want to see.

We help you to track your progress

Your trainer is there to keep you accountable for your fitness goals. Regular check-ins ensure that you are staying on track and working towards your goals.

Create new and lasting healthy habits

Habits are essential in creating a healthy lifestyle. It takes time and consistency, but once a healthy habit is formed, you never want to feel any other way!

Becky Robinson

Becky is a personal trainer and trained sports therapist in London with over seven years of professional experience. Her own transformative fitness journey began during her university years when she faced weight gain challenges. Through dedicated training and lifestyle adjustments, she successfully lost 12kg, an experience that now informs her empathetic approach to personal training and sports therapy. Passionate about making exercise and wellness accessible for all, Becky has been empowering individuals across London to achieve their fitness aspirations. Whether…

More Info

Ezgi Santos

Personal Trainer Ezgi Santos is passionate about functional workouts and believes in strength and conditioning. Ezgi has also completed a Sports degree, is a certified Pilates teacher and is a bronze-level lifeguard. Ezgi has taught group classes and delivered thousands of one-on-one sessions since she graduated in 2012 with a Sports Management degree. Before moving to London, Ezgi was the Gym Supervisor at Soho House Istanbul, where she trained private members, celebrities and hotel guests and ran the gym's daily…

More Info

Dean Palmer

Personal Trainer Dean Palmer is NASM Certified with over ten years of experience in the industry, in both the private and public sectors. Dean’s journey towards personal training began at age 5 when he started practising Karate. Dean found that the sport was highly beneficial to his early development. At just 13 years old, Dean was the youngest blackbelt in the borough of Lambeth to advance to 1st Dan. After developing a lifelong love of sports, Dean attended Bath University…

More Info

Chris Fernandes

Personal Trainer Chris Fernandes has been in active pursuit of a positive lifestyle for many years now. His fascination with movement and its outcomes on all things that make people different, mentally and physically, drives him as a trainer. As a NASM International Certified Personal Trainer, Chris's methodology is precise and should always be specific to your desired outcome. Every session should remind you of this, so he'll help you understand why you're doing what you're doing. He likes to…

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