Nordic Balance Gift Card

Give the gift of wellness with a Nordic Balance Gift Card! Reserve yours via the form below, and we’ll hold it until you pick it up. Special offer rates include a £75 card for £65 and a £50 card for £45. Custom values are also available.
Alternatively, purchase e-gift cards online and send them directly to your loved ones. Buy online here.

*T&C. 1 per person. Gift Cards are meant for the purpose of ‘gift giving’ and cannot be redeemed against your existing treatment.

  • Please note we only permit one gift card per person.

Gift Cards from Nordic Balance London

Indulge your loved ones in self-care with a Nordic Balance Gift Card! By gifting them a card redeemable for any of our services, such as physiotherapy, osteopathy, sports massage, and more, you inspire them to prioritize their well-being. It’s a gentle nudge to take time out from their busy lives and invest in themselves. Let them experience the benefits of our expert therapies and discover a renewed sense of vitality. Purchase a gift card today and show them the path to self-care and relaxation.


Book a Tour of the St James’s Health Club & Gym

We invite you to come along to the Nordic Balance St James’s Health Club & Gym for an exclusive tour of the
facilities and to discuss your health goals with our expert team.

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