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Remote Online Personal Training & Classes London

Maintain routine, keep your body moving & your mind strong with remote personal training & classes delivered to directly to your home. Find out more.

Personal 1 to 1 Training St James London

Transform your body and the way you feel with our multi-disciplinary team and training programmes. Our clients often work across two or three members of our team at the same time, with each team-member specialising in a specific area. This means that you will have us with you for every step of the way on your fitness journey, access to a pool of knowledge and a training plan that is specific in every way to you and your goals.

360° Approach

Our team is selected to achieve every goal. We will guide & support you with everything from training plans, to sleep & nutrition, providing you with a 360° approach to health and wellbeing.

Tailored to You

Our integrated approach to health & wellness means that we won't just fit you into a 'one-size' for all programmes. Our training plans are tailored to you, and our training adapts as you go through your life.

Your own team

Our clients often work across 2 or 3 of the team at the same time, with each team-member specialising in a specific area. This means you have your own team, with you for every step of your fitness journey.

Be Motivated!

Long working hours and busy schedules can often mean that we neglect time for ourselves. Put your trust in our team and we will ensure you are motivated and take the time out that you need!

Begin Your Total Body & Mind Transformation!

6 Week Tailored Training Plan
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1 to 1 Personal Training & Support

Find out more about our range of Personal Training services below. Our multi-disciplinary team have a wide range of skills and experience necessary to help you achieve your goals.

Personal Training

Our team is carefully selected to provide for every goal imaginable, which means that you'll receive training that's tailored to you and your goals.

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Private Yoga Class

Taught either in a small class format or one to one. From Lyengar to Dynamic Vinyasa (& everything in between), our teachers will help you to achieve your inner zen.

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Private Pilates Class

Explore your core with our team of mat-based Pilates experts. Whether it be a small group or one to one, we can tailor your practice to your needs.

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360° Running Analysis

Working in partnership with renowned Harley Street Podiatrists, our team of experts will use the latest technology to help you to achieve a pain-free and efficient gait.

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Bike Fitness Training

The Bike Fit team will create a bespoke plan that details how to improve your technique along with your endurance and speed, 3 crucial elements for any cyclist.

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Sports Conditioning

Whether you're cycling, running, swimming, climbing Everest, swimming the Channel, doing a challenge or just want to win- we'll build you up and get you ready!

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