360 Degree Running Analysis London

Get a complete and comprehensive 360 Degree Running Analysis conducted by a Physiotherapist specialising in managing and preventing running related injuries.

Our Physiotherapists analyse everything from your past performance to your running gait, posture, flexibility, muscular structure, running style and shoes.

Achieve a Pain-Free and Efficient Gait

Injuries can be devastating to anyone, whether in the sporting field or not. Conducted at our clinic in St James's London, our running assessment uses treadmill analysis and physical tests to examine each client's situation and determine the best course of action.

NURVV trackers allow us to identify potential risk factors associated with your running style, specifically your stride, level of pronation, cadence, and impact.

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The cost of the analysis is £85. If you wish to claim the cost of your treatment through your health insurance, please call us to make an appointment.

Achieve a natural and relaxed running style!

Running should feel natural and relaxed. However, we sometimes learn to run in a particular way because of a sport, a coach, or the latest trend published on the forefoot. It can happen that this new style of running isn't made for your body and is against your natural movement patterns.

For those who look at improving their performance or who return to run after a break or an injury, it is essential that their gait and overall running style are optimised to decrease the risk of injury and help to increase overall performance.

Our experts understand where and how injuries have occurred and your specific goals.

Our system has been developed with everyone in mind, from competitive runners to casual walkers, those suffering long or short-term injuries, and those training for an event.

Learn more about running style, efficiency and staying injury free in our running series written by our expert Physiotherapists and Sports Therapists. 

Avoid injury

Don't wait for an injury to present. By assessing your entire running style and gait, we can identify potential risk factors associated with your running style.

Increase efficiency

Functional Movement Screening allows us to evaluate movement patterns and identify opportunities for improved movement and efficiency.

Improve performance

Optimising your gait, movements, posture and overall running style decreases the risk of injury and helps to improve your overall running performance.

Gain Insights

Gain valuable insights into the way your body moves when you run. We aim to help you achieve longevity in your running career, reach your goals and stay injury and pain-free!

Laura Gray

As a Physiotherapist and Sports Therapist, Laura Grey employs a holistic approach to wellness and injury recovery. After graduating from London Metropolitan University with honours in 2015, she has developed extensive knowledge in injury assessment and diagnosis, joint mobilizations, sports rehabilitation techniques, and sports massage. In 2022 Laura graduated as a Physiotherapist. In addition to Physiotherapy and Sports Therapy, Laura also offers Dry Needling and Pilates services to provide comprehensive support for her clients. Whether you are an athlete working…

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Chris Bond

Based in London, Physiotherapist Chris Bond has almost a decade of experience working within an internationally renowned teaching hospital in central London and private practice. Through his experience, Chris has developed many skills for diagnosing and treating spinal, peripheral joint and muscular problems. Having a passion for strength and conditioning, Chris has developed a keen interest in integrating therapy approaches guided by the best scientific research geared towards returning to optimal physical and sporting function. Chris offers both Physiotherapy and…

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Kaylee Magrath

Meet physiotherapist Kaylee Magrath, a specialist in sports physiotherapy from Australia, where she served as the Head Physiotherapist for an AFL Sports Club. With a rich background in private practice and hospital settings, Kaylee brings a wealth of clinical experience to Nordic Balance, particularly in lower limb injuries such as ACL and meniscal tears, plantar fasciitis, and calf issues. What truly sets Kaylee apart is her holistic, education-focused approach to physiotherapy. She doesn't just treat symptoms; she empowers you with…

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Gregory Smith

Gregory Smith is a highly skilled and experienced physiotherapist renowned for his hands-on expertise in diverse clinical, hospital, and private practice settings across South Africa and London. He holds a prestigious Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree from the esteemed University of Pretoria in South Africa, where he honed his skills by working in some of the most challenging and demanding physiotherapy environments. Gregory's career has been marked by exceptional experiences. He supported numerous sporting events, including the Comrades Marathon, and has…

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