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360 Degree Running Analysis St James's
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Get back on track with Nordic Balance 360 Degree Running Analysis.
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360 Degree Running Analysis St James

Full and comprehensive 360 Degree Running Analysis at Nordic Balance St James's. Working in partnership with renowned Harley Street Podiatrists, we analyse everything from your gait to your posture, technique, shoes, and any muscular imbalances. Our team of experts will use the latest technology to help you to achieve a pain-free and efficient gait.

Injuries can be devastating to anyone, whether in the sporting field or not. Nordic Balance’s running analysis programme uses treadmill analysis and flexibility tests to examine each individual clients’ situation and determine the best course of action.

For those training for an event, it is important that their gait and overall running style is correct to decrease the risk of injury and help to increase overall performance.

Our experts understand where and how injuries have occurred, and what your specific goals are. Our system has been developed with everyone in mind, from competitive runners to casual walkers, those suffering long or short-term injuries, and for those training for an event.

Improve Your Gait

As part of the treadmill analysis, we film your gait, performing tests at different speeds and at various levels of muscle fatigue to fully examine the issues at hand.

Flexibility Tests

We conduct flexibility tests to look at the different areas of flexibility that could influence the client’s posture or pain levels. We will then work with you to strengthen weak areas.

Injury Recovery

We provide a comprehensive view of your overall body health, to help you properly recover from an injury and minimise the risk of reoccurring issues.

Harley Street

We work in partnership with renowned Harley Street Podiatrists Gait and Posture Clinic. We analyse everything from your gait to posture and muscular imbalances.

Nordic Balance’s 360 Degree Running Analysis

only £50 per analysis
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You Are In Safe Hands

Please note that you do not need to be a member of our gym or the In and Out, to be able to train with our trainers. We welcome everybody and all goals.

Alessandro Alviani

Alessandro was born and raised in Italy and have been active since his very first years. Along with swimming, skiing, snowboarding and skating, Alessandro loves playing tennis and keeping fit in the gym. Alessandro is especially passionate about strength and conditioning training. It all started when he was very young, and decided to turn his passion into his day job. Alessandro studied hard and soon began working as a Personal Trainer in 2004. Over the last 15 years, Alessandro has…

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Simon White

From a young age, Simon has always had a passion for sport and fitness. He’s played a range of sports at a competitive level including football, swimming, volleyball and athletics. Motivated and enthusiastic, Simon thrives on assisting people to reach their targets, drawing on the many years of experience he has in the industry. Since receiving his diploma in personal training, sports massage therapy and Nutrition he has continued his studies and considers himself a student of sports and nutritional…

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Book a 360 Degree Running Analysis

Nordic Balance’s 360 Degree Running Analysis costs just £50, including full assessment and reporting with a course of action, and takes around 30 minutes. Contact us via the form below to find out more. A member of the team will be in contact to discuss your requirements.

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