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Opening Hours:
Monday- Sunday 6:30am - 11pm, including Bank Holidays
0207 827 5735

Formal Entrance

You can find our formal entrance at No. 4 St James’s Square, London, SW1Y 4JU. We are part of a Private Member’s Club called the In and Out, and on the outside of the building you’ll see 2 pillars with the words “In” and “Out” written on them. Ring the buzzer and the receptionists will send you through. 


Please remember that this is our formal entrance, so in order to access the Health Club via this route men will need to wear a suit and tie, and ladies the equivalent. If you’re less formally dressed, please use our informal entrance. 

Informal Entrance

 If you’re less formally dressed then please use our informal entrance, located at the very end of Babmaes Street, SW1Y 6HD. (Follow Babmaes Street as it goes left and then right. When you come to a dead end, you’ll see a door on the right with our sign on it). Let the receptionists know that you’re scheduled for a session, and they’ll send you through.

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Do you want to get sweaty with a group of strangers? Or find your inner zen with our experienced teachers? We offer a free trial to our classes, so simply browse our range of classes to find one that suits you, then click the button below to book your class.
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Use our online booking system to book a training session. Or if you'd prefer, feel free to call 0207 827 5735 to book in with us directly.
Book a Court
Nordic Balance has reputedly the oldest court in London. In order to book the court, you'll need to be a member of either the In and Out, or Nordic Balance. To get setup with login details, or to find out about how to access the court, please get in touch with us.

Not sure which therapy is right for you?

We all have our expertise and ours is understanding your body. If you are unsure about which
therapy is right for you or you simply wish to ask us a question please get in touch.