Remote Desk and In-Office Workstation Assessments

How we work is changing. Instead of working in the office all week, we’re working from home more or splitting our time between the home and the office.

Despite this seismic change, an employer's duty of care towards their employees is still the same.

At Nordic Balance, we understand that assessing each team member’s home office setup can be an overwhelming thought. To support local businesses we have put together Remote Desk and In-Office Workstation Assessments..

Remote Desk Assessments

An inadequate homeworking setup could be putting your employees at risk of developing issues from minor strains to more serious repetitive strain injuries and musculoskeletal disorders.

For all the benefits of homeworking, it’s important to remember that as an employer, you have the same health and safety responsibilities for home workers as when they are in the office, as set out by the UK Government HSE guidelines.

Recognising this need and bringing in years of experience, we’ve retrained our Chiropractors and Osteopaths to ensure that they are also Display Screen Equipment (DSE) certified, enabling them to provide remote risk assessments of your team’s home office desk set up.

Initial assessments of your employees personal working space, ergonomics and anthropometrics are conducted remotely via video call and will typically take up to 30 minutes.

The initial assessment results will be written up as a report and provided to show compliance/ due diligence.

In-Office Workstation Assessments

Our Osteo team are also available to make in-person assessments, either at the office or at home. Get in contact to discuss your requirements.

Ergonomic Desk Solutions

For those that require it, we have teamed up with Workplace.London to offer ergonomic desk solutions and installation. We can supply and install new ergonomic seating, cable management, and laptop solutions depending on the initial assessment findings.

We offer 3 complete desk & chair solutions, including Height Adjustable desks and monitor arms.

1 month later, we will follow up with each employee to ensure that they are working pain-free and that their setup works for them.

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Assessments from £90 per desk.

Remote Homeworking Desk Assessment & Recommendations – How does it work?

Our remote Homeworking Desk Assessments are conducted in 5 key stages outlined below.

Stage 1- We will provide an initial pre-screening questionnaire to help us understand any underlying issues that may be present.

Stage 2- We will then set up a remote desk assessment via video call, which will typically take 30 minutes. The findings of the assessment will be written up as a report and sent to both the employer and employee.

Stage 3- We will make any necessary recommendations on equipment and hardware required, and arrange for the delivery and installation of the equipment.

Stage 4- If the equipment has been installed our Chiropractor will follow up to ensure it’s properly set up, via video call.

Stage 5- Our Chiropractor will then schedule a 1 month follow up call to ensure any issues have been resolved, to ensure that they are working pain-free and that their setup works for them.

Conducted by DSE Certified Therapists

Display Screen Equipment (DSE) certified Remote Desk and Workstation Assessments are conducted by experienced Chiropractors and Osteopaths who understand the impact of poor posture on your musculoskeletal system and how best practice can help avoid long-term injury.

Assessments with Minimum Disruptions

Remote Desk Assessments are conducted via a secure video call. Lasting up to 30 minutes, our team will ensure that assessments are conducted thoroughly and efficiently. The assessment findings will be written up as a report and sent to both the employer and employee.

Compliance with HSE & DSE Guidelines

The Remote Desk and Workstation Assessments follow the UK Government HSE and DSE workplace guidelines. Working against these criteria and best practices, our therapists will look at how the user's screen is being used and assess any risks to their health and wellbeing.

Installation of Ergonomic Furniture

We can provide a complete solution for a more comfortable workspace from the initial assessment to installing any required ergonomic hardware such as desks, chairs, adjustable Laptop Tables, Monitor Arms, to Desktop Mats. Various packages are available to suit your budget.

Andy Mansfield

Osteopath Andy grew up in Yorkshire and initially trained as an electromechanical engineer in the Royal Navy. His engineering training gave him a deep passion for understanding how things work mechanically. He brings this insight of integrated systems into his work with the human body. The human body works in much the same way, both emotionally and physically. If one piece of equipment in a ship is broken, it has a knock-on effect on the working efficiency of the whole…

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For more information about your responsibilities as an employer and our Remote Desk and Workstation Assessments, please get in touch to discuss your exact requirements and business needs.

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