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Sports Therapist Aristeidis Anagnostou is a specialist in injury rehabilitation. A Sports Science graduate with a VTEC level 5 diploma in Sports Massage has been helping individuals recover from injuries through a combination of Sports Massage and Rehabilitation Exercises since 2014.

His rehabilitation experience extends from treating everyday muscle aches and strains to helping individuals regain motor skills after recovering from a Neuromuscular Degenerative disease.

His in-depth understanding of the physiological adaptations occurring to the human body during exercise, combined with his passion for biomechanics and more than a few injuries of his own over the years of high loads of physical activity, inclined him towards working with cases that demanded injury or post-surgical rehabilitation, as well as supporting individuals to minimise the risk of injury.

Having witnessed firsthand how athletes benefit from Injury Prevention Training programs, he used the same principles to support professionals from getting occupational injuries.

Sports Therapist Aristeidis Anagnostou


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More About Sports Therapist Aristeidis Anagnostou

Aris was born and raised in Zimbabwe, where he trained and qualified as a Sports Scientist. Following his compulsory army duty, serving as a marine, he worked in the fitness industry, gaining extensive experience in Personal Training while at the same time using that as a stepping stone towards his passion- helping individuals recover from injuries.

Aris has also worked with professional athletes such as basketball and volleyball players, fencers, divers, climbers, and non-professional athletes whose physical activity can be high-impact (e.g. long, distance hiking, mountaineering etc.)

Due to his broad knowledge of how the human body functions, Aris has also worked with a substantial number of overweight, under-trained and poor health cases, guiding said individuals into a healthier and as pain-free as possible lifestyle, giving them the necessary knowledge and tools to self manage their wellbeing to healthier levels.

He is proud to have imparted his knowledge and experience while tutoring young adults to obtain their Training certificate, overlooking the practical part of their curriculum and helping them with mindset when approaching various problems that a young Personal Trainer may encounter in the industry.

In recent years, Aris has also shown interest in treating or managing chronic conditions, having experienced firsthand how a chronic condition can affect the quality of the sufferer’s everyday life. Conditions such as Neuromuscular Degenerative diseases, Periodic Fever conditions, Chronic Muscular and joint issues etc.

He obtained the highest Sports Massage qualification (level 5) during the same period. The skills learned are now integrated into his rehabilitation sessions, combining exercise, soft tissue manipulation and massage therapy.

Being a strong believer in the mind-body connection concept, Aris turns his sessions into mini, comprehensive lectures on how the body works, always about what is happening in the session at the given moment. He tends to individualise in every case and adapt every exercise, training plan and treatment to the anatomical and clinical needs of the individual.

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  • BSc Sports Science
  • Physical Education
  • VTEC Level 5 Diploma in Sports Massage


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