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Chiropractor Georgia Young’s journey into the world of chiropractic began with a personal experience. After sustaining a hockey injury that left her unable to compete, Georgia turned to chiropractic care for relief. She was amazed by the significant improvements in her pain levels and bodily function achieved through hands-on care in such a short time. This experience not only allowed her to return to hockey but also ignited her passion for chiropractic, inspiring her to help others overcome injuries and pain that hinder their activities.

Georgia is dedicated to working closely with her patients, crafting a personalized chiropractic approach that aligns with their individual goals and expectations. Whether it’s returning to a beloved activity, managing work-from-home related back pain and headaches, or improving posture, Georgia’s chiropractic techniques are tailored to meet these diverse needs. Her methods include High Velocity Low Amplitude spinal manipulations/mobilisations across various body parts, effectively alleviating pain and enhancing overall function.

In addition to her chiropractic expertise, Georgia is a qualified Sports Massage therapist and is proficient in dry needling, active release therapy, and shockwave therapy. Her extensive knowledge in exercise rehabilitation, gained from working with a range of patients from office workers to elite athletes, complements her chiropractic skills. Georgia’s multidisciplinary approach ensures a comprehensive care plan, aiming not only to alleviate immediate pain but also to foster long-term, pain-free results.

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More About Chiropractor Georgia Young

Georgia’s academic journey is as impressive as her professional one. She graduated with a First Class Honours in her Masters degree in Chiropractic from the renowned Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth.

Her commitment to her field is further evidenced by her memberships in the British Chiropractic Association and the Royal College of Chiropractic, and her registration with the General Chiropractic Council.

With her extensive experience working across London and the South East of England, Georgia brings a blend of top-tier academic knowledge, hands-on clinical experience, and a genuine passion for improving lives through chiropractic care.

Raised in Canada, Georgia’s love for the outdoors and sports was kindled in her youth. This background not only fuels her enthusiasm for an active lifestyle but also informs her empathetic understanding of sports-related injuries and conditions.

Her personal achievements in sports, notably representing the South West of England in hockey, and her involvement in activities like hiking, hockey, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and reading, give her a unique perspective on the physical demands and joys of various activities.

Georgia brings a wealth of expertise and a deep passion for chiropractic care, particularly in treating neck pain, headaches, lower back issues, and extremity problems such as shoulder impingements, Tennis and Golfers elbow/tendinopathies, and hip dysfunctions.

Georgia’s special interest extends to paediatric and pregnancy care, where she works diligently with mothers-to-be and infants. She believes early life is a critical period for establishing health and development foundations, and her care during this time can have lasting positive impacts.

For Chiropractor Georgia, her approach is not just about alleviating immediate discomfort; it’s about enhancing overall well-being and functionality.


  • Masters of Chiropractic MChiro (Hons)- 1st Class Honours.
  • Active IQ Level 3: Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy
  • Introduction to Dry Needling
  • CCEP 1 Advanced Principles of Upper Extremity Adjusting

Professional Bodies

General Chiropractic Council (GCC) number- 05111
Royal College of Chiropractic (RCC)
British Chiropractic Association (BCA)


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